Easy Domain Monitoring for SEOs

Monitoring for SEO & Social metrics, uptime & speed, blacklists and more.

Monitored Metrics

Google Indexation

Monitor if your domains are indexed in Google.

Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz

URL and domain rating, TF and CF, DA and PA.

Facebook Metrics

The number of Facebook shares, likes and comments.

Pinterest and LinkedIn

Total pins and LinkedIn shares.

Website Uptime and Speed

Uptime and website loading speed check every 30-second.

Domain Expiry Date

Never lose a domain again, no matter where it's registered or to whom.

Nameserver and IP Changes

Common ways to hijack a website. Never let it happen to you.


Monitoring Google Safe Browsing, Web Of Trust, Spamhaus and more.

Plus monitors for Whois, Website IP, nameservers, SSL expiry date and many more!

Free Email and SMS Notifications

Free notifications for multiple emails and phone numbers. Get notified immediately when a domain expires, when your website goes offline, if your domain or IP is blacklisted or when IP or nameserver changes happen.

One Dashboard To Monitor All Your Domains

Easy Domain Monitor Dashboard

  • Quick Overview
  • Quick overview of all your domains with the most important metrics.
  • See if your domains are indexed, what are the trends in SEO and social, website uptime and speed, if domains are still pointing to your servers and not on any blacklists.

Detailed View Of Your Domain

Domain Info Page
  • SEO & Social
  • Google indexation status. Ahrefs, Majestic and Moz metrics. Facebook shares, likes and comments. Pins and LinkedIn shares.
  • Domain & Website
  • Website uptime and speed check. Expiry date monitoring. Nameservers and server IP monitoring. SSL expiry monitoring. Whois monitoring.
  • Blacklists
  • Monitoring Google Safe Browsing, Web Of Trust, Virus and Malware lists, Barracuda, Blocklist.de, SORBS and Spamhaus.


Easy Domain Monitor was built primarily for SEOs that manage multiple domains for themselves and their clients. It allows you to have a quick overview of everything that is happening to the domains.

Read about the team on our About page.

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